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Looking for offers from Alaska Airlines? We have listed the most popular Alaska offers for you. This way, you can be sure that you will not miss any spectacular rates for your perfect flight.

Alaska Airline Top Destinations 

Fly with Alaska Airline and take advantage of affordable airline tickets to great destinations. We have listed the airline's best deals to their top destinations below!

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Why Fly with Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is an airline based in Washington State in the United States. The airline's home base is Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (also known as Sea-Tac). The company has several secondary hubs in Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco, Anchorage, San Diego and San Jose.

Founded in 1932, the company sprang from the brain of Linious "Mac" McGee. The first flight was operated between Anchorage in Alaska and Bristol Bay with a single-engine Stinson that could accommodate three passengers. At that time, there were no scheduled services yet, but they were simply flown when passengers, cargo or mail had to be transported.

Today, the airline is a significant player in the market and is part of the Alaska Air Group with Horizon Air and Virgin America. Customer satisfaction among passengers at the company is very high.

In addition to long-haul flights, Alaska Airlines still operates very much between small cities in Alaska and carries more passengers between the northernmost US state and the rest of the United States than any other airline.

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